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Car Removal

Best Car Removal for cash. We pay top cash for all kinds of vehicles, Contact Now!

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Car Wreckers

Here at HB car removals, we provide the best car wrecking service, in all of Hawke’s Bay! We can help you get rid of your scrappy, junky car in no time and offer you a good amount for your car, in cash on spot. We are best auto wreckers.

Car Removal

The scrap car removal services we provided to our clients here at HB car removals ensures help to our clients in the most disturbing of situations. No matter how bad the situation is, we'll be there to fix it and get your car out of the way.

Cash for Cars

We pay cash for your wrecked, scrappy, junky vehicle, be it in any condition. The car removal for cash services we provide extend to all the vehicle owners of Hawke’s Bay.

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Best Car Removal for cash. Our highly trained, experienced and skilled staff members dismantle automobiles very carefully and ensure that the parts are salvaged in the best condition possible.