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Car Wreckers Hastings

If you urgently need to get rid of your vehicle, either because you have an old car taking up space in your yard or you want cash for it, we’re here to serve your specific requirements. As one of the leading car wreckers in Hastings, you can rely on us to professionally take unwanted cars off your hands for a generous return.

Reputable and Trustworthy Car Wreckers

Whether you want to sell your car because you don’t want it anymore, you need instant cash, or it has been written off, you can get quite a decent amount of cash for your vehicle regardless of its condition. The value of your automobile depends on numerous factors, and what determines how much we give you for your car includes the following:

  • Age. Although you could get a substantial return for an older vintage model, the newer your vehicle is, the higher its value because there is less wear and tear on its parts. Nonetheless, our car wreckers in Napier will ensure that you get what your vehicle is worth and nothing less.
  • Brand and model. The car’s make and model help us determine your automobile’s value. If the vehicle is a luxury model, for example, a BMW, Toyota, or Audi, it would naturally have a higher value than less sought-after brands.
  • Odometer. A vehicle that’s travelled less will usually have a much higher value than a car with high mileage, leading to more dollars in your pocket.

Declutter Your Space With Our Car Wreckers in Hawke's Bay, Napier, and Hastings

Even if your car has been damaged beyond repair from a serious car accident, we offer fair deals for vehicles that won’t even start. Besides unlimited and convenient service, here’s what you can expect from our well-established processes:

  • The first step is to get in touch with us once you’ve decided to sell your vehicle. Once you’ve contacted us by phone or filled out our online form, we’ll arrange for an inspection of the car, no matter where you are in the city–this usually takes less than 15 minutes.
  • The next step is that we’ll create your quote based on the vehicle survey. You will receive it within 24 hours.
  • Lastly, if you accept our instant cash offer, we will collect your preloved vehicle free of charge, pay cash on the spot, and bring the automobile to our premises.
Car Wreckers Hastings

Experience Unparalleled Service With Our Scrap Car Wreckers

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re unsure whether we’ll consider your car because of its condition. Despite their condition, we happily accept all vehicles of different makes, such as SUVs, trucks, buses, Jeeps, or motorcycles. Even if your automobile isn’t in working order, we will still offer you a fair price and take it in where our qualified wreckers will make the most of its spare parts. Here’s what else you can look forward to when you choose us:

  • Highly advanced operations. We use modern tech equipment at our scrapping yards to dismantle the vehicles quickly and effectively. Besides highly organised procedures, we work to recycle most of what we can to make the car or its parts reusable.
  • Safety conscious. Given the nature of our business, we have established safe work procedures to prevent injury in our workplace. Our operations are done according to strict Occupational Health and Safety laws, and the car scrappers at our Hawkes bay workshop are trained in industry best practices to prevent injury and damage.
  • Competent staff. Our skilled and experienced auto wreckers recondition the vehicle and its parts in the best way possible to yield the most value. We ensure that we repurpose every minor part of the vehicle, from the nuts and bolts to the engine.
  • Attentive service. Perhaps you want to sell your car for some financial relief? We treat this sensitive situation with the utmost respect and endeavour to meet your expectations by offering you the best value for your automobile.
  • Associated service offering. Our highly trained staff aim to salvage every part of the vehicle to reach its highest potential. This also allows us to make available quality spare parts to the public.

Why Hawke's Bay Car Removal?

Besides being insured and fully licensed, we’re also transparent in our customer dealings, where there are no hidden costs. Besides receiving an obligation-free quote, we won’t charge you for your car’s evaluation at your premises or for collecting it from you.

We also pride ourselves in being environmentally conscientious, carefully dismantling cars to ensure minimal wastage, and reusing and recycling parts where possible.